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Build Your Steel Home

Build Your Steel Home

If you are intrigued by the robust beauty of shipping container homes and have a one-of-a-kind home layout in your head that you want to bring in to physical realty our team at Steel Dreams Development can assist you with the design, planning and complete construction process.


If you would like Steel Dreams Development to manage the design and construction of your new home or investment property there are a few things you should know in order to get started:

  1. We request that you already have a parcel of land owned for the purposes of the construction project; or
  2. If you do not already own a parcel of land for the purposes of the property construction and have a lot under contract for lease or purchase this is acceptable to begin discussions on design and construction;
  3. You, the client, will be responsible for clearing all shrubbery from in and around the parcel as needed for efficient movement of construction teams and equipment;
  4. We request that you have a clear plan for financing in place or ask for details on our developer financing options and prerequisites.



Preparing for the construction of a Steel Dreams property is not much different from the traditional concrete or wooden home – to begin the process of building your home we will first meet to discuss your design ideas and create a draft home layout based on your preferences and lifestyle.

There is an initial consultation fee of CI$500 for the consultation and preparation of the draft floor plans, this is payable in advance of the meeting and applied towards the overall project costs.


Phase 1 – Design, Planning and Building Control

At the initial in-person consultation for the planning of your project we will get a clear idea of your space planning desires and you are encouraged to bring or email sketches, examples and ideas to your project management team member ahead of this consultation. Budget and financing will be discussed and determined and when this consultation is over your project manager will be equipped with the details required by the design team to create your first floor plan draft and property concept – from this your detailed construction estimate will be generated based on predefined budget considerations and design requirements.

Once you are happy to move forward the Development Agreement is executed and our team of professional architects, engineers, 3D renderers and project managers go to work at completing the necessary sets of plans to achieve planning and building permit approval.\

Phase 1 can take 4 to 6 months depending on the scale and scope of your project.


Phase 2 – Site preparation and Initial Construction

Once planning approval for your project is received and the structural engineer’s drawings are complete our construction team will mobilize on your site for the necessary preparations and start of the foundation. Once the engineer’s drawings are submitted for consideration by the Building Control Unit and the building permit is received the construction teams work on the structural interior and exterior of your property.

Phase 2 can take 2 t0 9 months depending on the scale and scope of your project. 


Phase 3 – Finishing and Certificate of Occupancy

The interior of the property from ceiling to floor is finished during this phase and all appliances are installed; the final inspections from the Planning and Building Control department are performed and your occupancy certificate is issued – we hand you the keys.

Don’t forget to have a look at our FAQs ​for valuable information on these unique properties.

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